FDA pulls DMSA and hope from children with autism and ADHD

If you have or know an autistic child you should read what the DAN (Defeat Autism Now!) Doctors have to say about DMSA oral chelation in the treatment of autism.

“…we prefer to use the one chelator that has been extensively tested and used for years in children — that is DMSA.”
Amy S. Holmes, M.D.  Click Here to read their full report!

Dental Fillings Could Be Toxic

Here is a great video that sums up the tie between mercury and autism quite nicely. It is not a new video but it is well worth watching if you have not already seen it. It is from NBC DATELINE.

“Ladies and gentlemen, some autistic kids who have recovered.”
This statement showing the before and after video of kids cured of autism starts at the 6 minute and 50 second mark in the video.

Dr. Kurt Woeller – What Has Worked

After extensive research using the internet and other resources you may have come to the conclusion that a child developed autism as a result of mercury poisoning, possibly from vaccinations or other sources. CNN and many other trusted sources talk about the link between mercury and autism on an almost daily basis.

This page is not intended to explain autism to you as you probably already know a lot about autism.

This page is not intended to convince you of the link between mercury exposure and autism, there are 1000’s of web pages that already discuss this.

This page is not intended to convince you how to treat an autistic child. You’ve already decided on a treatment for an autistic child.

The treatment that you may have chosen is the removal (chelation) of mercury and other toxins. You have also probably already found out that DMSA is the only safe and effective way to remove mercury from a child as its the only FDA approved product for this.

All the other various ‘natural’ remedys such as chlorella, vitamin C, ‘foot pads’ etc never stand up to scientific scrutiny and are NOT FDA approved. DMSA works, is scientifically proven and is finally available without a prescription.

Also, the DMSA Synergy product is a formulation of DMSA, Ascorbic Acid, and Glycine. These 2 additional ingredients increase the excretion of mercury (the DAN doctors report specifically mentions how Ascorbic Acid makes DMSA more effective) thereby making the Synergy product more effective than DMSA alone. You may want to also give your child alpha-lipoic acid, available at any pharmacy and fairly inexpensive.

A popular DMSA protocol can be found here

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