DMPS stands for “2,3-dimercapto-1-propanesulfonic acid sodium”, also known as Dimovol, is a synthetic amino acid chelating agent of toxic heavy metals, which forms a water soluble complex with toxic heavy metals and is believed by many to lead to their removal through the kidneys, liver, gastrointestinal tract.

DMPS is given via IV, thats intravenously, with a NEEDLE. It needs to be administered by a doctor certified to use it. In the United States it is classed by the FDA as ‘experimental’ as opposed to DMSA which has been certified by the FDA since 1992 as ‘safe and beneficial’

Do You Really Want To Chelate via DMPS?

Search the web for the terms ‘dmps danger’ and read the results. Somewhat shocking, here are the google search results The sites you find will all point out the dangers of DMPS. They will all also strongly recommend the use of DMSA instead of DMPS. DMSA is available without prescription at the top and bottom of this page.

DMSA – The Safe Alternative DMPS

DMSA capsules are taken orally so anyone can take them at home or work. You can carry on your normal daily schedule while chelating with DMSA. DMPS requires an IV needle, hours at the doctors office, missed work, and is VERY expensive. DMSA is also safe and FDA approved, DMPS is neither of these. There are no compelling reasons to use DMPS. The web is full of DMPS horror stories, people becoming very sick after only a SINGLE DMPS administration. Thousands of people use DMSA on a daily basis with no real side effects. The occasional person reports an upset stomach. The solution to this is to simply decrease how much DMSA you are taking as some people are more sensitive to it than other. It is recommended, in cases where sensitivity is suspected, that individuals start with a lower dosage than is recommended in the protocol below.

How Much DMSA Do I Take?

How much DMSA you take is based solely on body weight. Dosage is given in ranges so you can start at a lower level and work your way up to the higher level once your body gets used to DMSA The exact formula and recommendations is provided when order DMSA. This is the actual DMSA Protocol.

What To Expect

Initially you may feel slightly tired when taking DMSA. However, once the metals start leaving your body you will experience a sense of well-being and increased energy and focus. Your ability to concentrate will increase greatly. The so-called ‘brain fog’ will be gone. Your memory will improve, these are just a few of the benefits of chelating with DMSA.

Where To Buy DMSA

Prescription DMSA costs approximately $2-$3 per capsule and many over the counter manufacturers have stopped supplying DMSA completely as the US government is trying to make DMSA prescription only. This will put it out of the reach of many people. DMSA is availablef or as little as $0.60 per capsule. Click here to buy DMSA

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