DMSA (Dimercaptosuccinic acid also called ‘succimer’ or ‘succinic acid’) is used to remove toxic heavy metals. It is particularly effective at removing lead and mercury. If you have lead poisoning symptoms or arsenic poisoning symptoms DMSA can help you. It is safe and works very quickly.

Is it safe for children? Please read this medical study done with thousands of children.

Is your doctor having a hard time trying to diagnose you?  You may have been exposed to heavy metals. Find out if you have toxic heavy metals in you by taking a simple urine test.

This test shows the presence of 20 deadly toxic metals that might be in your body and are probably making you sick.

What Toxic Metals Does This Test Show?

List of 20 Toxic metals. This test shows the presence and levels of the following toxic heavy metals.

Heavy Metals List

Chelation Therapy Benefits

Test is done in your own home.

  • Receive results in a few days. View Sample Results now.
  • Price includes everything you need, there are No Hidden Costs.
  • The initial fee is all you pay, ever!
  • Free individual support available by email.
  • Includes FREE customized directions based on YOUR body weight.
  • Find out the types of heavy metals in your body.
  • See if heavy metal symptoms match with your personal symptoms.

Do this test now and find out what is making you sick! Questions about this test?
Contact Us and we will answer within 24 hours.

DMSA For Detoxing Lead and Mercury

Modern society and modern life exposes us to many toxins that never used to exist. These toxins get into out bodies and alter the way nerves communicate with each other. These toxins short circuit your body and you end up getting sick.

The symptoms are quite varied. They are very hard to diagnose using regular medical modeling. Luckily, there is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to get these toxins out of your body.

The technique is called ‘chelation’. This is a fancy word for ‘removing’.

Chelation of heavy metals, like mercury, lead, and more means removing toxins from your body.

Oral chelation means using a pill. Other forms of chelation are more dangerous and more expensive. Methods such as dmps chelation. This involves using a needle to drip the chelation chemical into your body

Meso-2,3-dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA) was approved in the 1960’s by the FDA. It was approved for the removal or chelation of heavy metals.

DMSA is the preferred for the chelation of toxins like heavy metals. It is used in children and adults. Mercury is the second most toxin substance, uranium is the first. The dangerous effects of exposure to mercury are known.

Several diseases are 100% caused by exposure to mercury.  ‘Mad Hatter Disease‘ and ‘minamata disease‘ are caused by mercury exposure. The affects of these are unmistakable.

DMSA is sometimes called succimer. DMSA is also sold under prescription by the trade name Chemet.

DMSA is also sold as an over the counter nutritional supplement. In some areas but it very difficult to find. It can be very expensive (over $1 per capsule). Raw DMSA has a a very noticable and disctict smell as it is a sulfer based compound.

Also, when you are chelating with DMSA your urine will take on this smell. This is how you know you are using high quality and fresh DMSA. It’s chemical quality makes it very good at removing lead and mercury. DMSA works by binding to foreign substances in your body and leaving your body via urine.

We use top quality Capsugel brand capsules that seal together very well. As a result our capsules only have a faint DMSA smell to them. These higher quality capsules ensure that the DMSA maintains its potency.

One of the main advantages of DMSA is its large therapeutic window. This means there is a wide margin between the amount necessary to produce the intended result and the level that could potentially overload the patient. This makes DMSA exceptionally safe.

How Did Heavy Metals Get Into My Body?

There are many ways toxic metals get into the body. The most common ways are listed below. Keep in mind that there is no safe level for any heavy metal. Several chelation methods and compounds are available but DMSA is known as the safest and certainly the least expensive chelator (the thing that gets the toxins out of your body.)


4 Main Mercury Poisoning Sources:

  1. In Vitro, mom passes the toxins on to her children
  2. Vaccinations
  3. Dental Fillings (the ‘silver’ ones)
  4. Birth Control Pills and early solutions for contact lenses
1. While Pregnant

A mother may have mercury inside her and will give it to her child before he/she is born. The amount found in the baby after it is born is related to the dental fillings that the mother has (if they are the silver ones).

2. Vaccinations

The main exposure for infants is vaccinations although many now argue this

  • 25-30% of vaccines still used today contain mercury.
  • Flu shots even today contain high levels of mercury.
  • Note that mercury is sometimes removed from shots, however it is replaced with heavy metals like formaldehyde and aluminum.

Vaccinations use mercury as a preservative. Some believe there is a link between vaccinations and autism. Google is your best friend here, just start researching this topic and form your own opinions.

3. Dental Fillings, the Silver Ones

Amalgam fillings release methyl-mercury. This gets in your body and makes you sick. Methyl-mercury is very dangerous because it is attracted to organs and tissues. It is also one of the very few chemicals that can cross the blood brain barrier where it causes extreme health issues.

Your doctor is often unable to understand or accurately detect mercury related issues. They have become known as “Millenium Illnesses” and are almost entirely caused by heavy metal toxicity in the brain.

Fact: Most major countries other than the U.S. have extensive bans and health warnings regarding the use of amalgam fillings.
This includes Austria, Australia, Canada, France, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland

Fact: The EPA classified scrap silver fillings as ‘hazardous waste’ in 1988
There are very specific instructions that must be followed when removing silver fillings. Make sure you use an IAOMT certified ‘mercury free’ dentist.

The Health and Safety guidelines include:

  • Used amalgam be stored in unbreakable, tightly sealed container, kept away from heat.
  • Use a ‘no-touch’ method for dealing with the amalgam.
  • Store under a liquid, glycerin or photographic chemicals (the dentist will know which ones to use).

Almost 1 million people have watched this “Smoking Tooth” movie, surely there has to be some truth to it. As the movie shows, things like brushing your teeth or drinking hot liquids can increase your exposure to methyl-mercury (mercury vapor) from 10 to 100 times.

What About the Mercury in Fish?

The mercury in fish is inorganic, NOT methyl mercury. The amount of mercury that ends up in your body from eating fish is quite low. Google this and you will see that the mercury in fish poses no real threat to your health. Pregnant women? Sure, they should avoid certain fish to be on the safe side.

For the vast majority of people the threat from fish makes great news stories but that is about all. The media loves to scare people (and consequently sell more newspapers).  

However, the packaging of fish in cans can result in a toxic exposure. Countries like India and China do NOT have our American Health standards. Buyer Beware – as always !

You should also NOT purchase canned, frozen, fresh fish from areas that are affected by radiation poisoning. Japan’s waters have been negatively effected since the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011.

As with most things, educate yourself on this topic.

4. Birth Control Pills and Solution for Contact Lenses

In the past mercury was in these products. This is not the case anymore. If you used these common products in the 80’s you may still have residual mercury in you, why not take the urine test and find out. Once it is in your body it would be easily passed on to your children while you are pregnant.

Lead – Sources of Lead Poisoning

Lead is one of the most prominent metals you will see on any test.

Our parents were members of the lead generation. It takes a long time, 4 generations, to eliminate toxic metal from your lineage.

Historically, there were many sources. Lead was in

  • paint
  • gasoline
  • painted dishes
  • toys originating from China
  • candy originating from Mexico
  • kids’ jewelry
  • canned foods

The point is, if it is in your body you need to get it out.

DMSA is able to effectively chelate lead from the human body. Lead is particularly toxic to children, leading to Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Hyperactive Disorders. Their growing nervous system is negatively impacted by chronic and acute lead exposure.

DMSA has been shown to be safe for use in children. The 6 hour urine challenge should be done before and after a DMSA chelation program. During the Urine Challenge, DMSA is used as the provoking agent to measure the level of lead and 19 other toxic heavy metals in the body.

DMSA Chelation

DMSA works because is has areas on its molecules that foreign substances attach to. Once they attach to DMSA they can not be detached. This means that substances that should not be in your body.

Mercury and lead basically stick to DMSA and then get expelled from your body when you pee. The smell of your urine will quickly tell you that it is working. It is not a pleasant smell.

DMSA does not go inside your cells. Instead, it floats around outside the cell bodies. Another substance called glutathione lives inside your cells.

It is glutathione that pushes out toxic substances. Glutathione is considered to be your body’s first defense against toxins. Generally, glutathione can handle regular exposures to heavy metals. You will naturally chelate (get rid of) these toxins.

However, sometimes your body is over loaded and glutatione by itself can not heal you. This is when you get sick.

Low On Glutathione?

There are 2 ways you can have low glutathione:

  • Your body does not have enough glutathione.
  • Your body runs out because it is trying to deal with a toxic overload.

In both of these circumstances you will get sick.

As a side note, you can NOT simply take glutathione by itself. You have to take the precursor (the raw ingredient) to glutathione. Then your body can make its own glutathione.

If you take a glutathione supplement it will NOT enter your cells. When your body makes its own glutathione it is created INSIDE the cells, where it then pushes out the heavy metal toxins. These toxins are then “grabbed” by DMSA and travel out of your body.

N-AcetylCysteine, or “NAC” is a precursor to glutathione.

Taking NAC daily will let your body makes its own glutathione. Chelation will be much easier on your body, as well as faster and more efficient. This saves you money over the long run.

Glycine is another substance that plays a large role in the production of glutathione, which is why it is in the DMSA Synergy product.

Chelating agent is further explained. DMSA is taken in an “ON” and “OFF” cycle. The suggested way or protocol is to take DMSA for 3 days, then take NO DMSA for 11 days. The body needs the ‘off’ days to remake glutathione. This is the fastest and safest way to take DMSA. Also note that the amount you take is based on your body weight.

Everyone scheduled intake is therefore different. This explains why there are no directions on the bottle. If you buy from this site you will be given a customized scheduled based on your body weight.

DMSA and the Brain

DMSA can NOT get metals out of your brain without another supplement. The brain has what is called the ‘blood brain barrier‘. This barrier stops DMSA from entering your brain.

You can, however, take ALA (alpha lipoic acid) at the same time you take DMSA and then DMSA WILL move into your brain. When in the brain the heavy metals will bind to the DMSA and be chelated from your body.


Before you start taking ALA you need to first eliminate all the heavy metals in your body!

If you do not do this, and take ALA at the start of your first chelation cycle, you may get sick.

Why? Because too many toxins will be dumping into your blood stream at once. This is called increasing your ‘body burden.”

You need to get the toxins out of your body THEN start taking ALA and get the toxins out of your brain.

Your customized protocol will tell you when it is safe to start taking ALA with your DMSA. Most people can safely add ALA to their schedule after 4 full cycles of DMSA only.

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