Heavy Metals In Body Symptoms

Heavy Metals in Body Symptoms?

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Everyone has a natural ability to chelate (remove) heavy metals from their body. The chemical that allows this is glutathione. It is created inside your cells. It is responsible for moving toxic heavy metals from inside your cells to outside your cells. Once they are outside your cells the can be ‘swept away’ and excreted. Generally via your excretory mechanisms, primarily urine.

Heavy Metals In The Body, How Did This Happen?

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In our modern world everyone is exposed to a variety of heavy metals every day. People living on remote islands way out in the ocean test positive for things like mercury and lead. For most people the daily exposure is not a problem. Our body’s’ built in detoxing mechanisms can get rid of these toxins before they cause any health problems.

Symptoms of Heavy Metal Poisoning

  • Diarrhea.
  • Nausea.
  • Abdominal pain.
  • Vomiting.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Tingling in feet or hands.
  • Chills.
  • Weakness.

Sources of Heavy Metals

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Heavy metals are elements that are native to earth. Normally they are present in very small amounts. These small amounts are not enough to make you sick. However, our modern world has learned to concentrate these heavy metals for various uses.

Here are the major exposure factors for heavy metals in your body.

  • Pollution (factories and car exhaust)
  • Smoking cigarettes. If you do not smoke someone near you might. It could be where you work (for example: in a bar)
  • Silver Fillings
  • Vaccinations (chemicals in yearly flu shot, vaccines for foreign travel)
  • Where you live. Do you live near a farm? Near an industrial area? An old mine?
  • Personal hygiene products like deodorant and perfume. Lipstick and eye makeup.

A Few Less Obvious Heavy Metal Sources

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Many foods are genetically modified or grown in areas where the soil is contaminated. Rice from certain parts of China and India contain high levels of arsenic. The same goes for certain types of seafood. Read labels to see where your food is coming from.

In some areas the town water you drink, cook with and bath in contains heavy metals. Many towns in the US and Canada at fluoride to their water. There are many health problems linked to this. In fact, many countries in Europe have banned fluoride. They have the studies to prove the connection of fluoride to a variety of health problems.

Why Some Get Sick and Others Do Not

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As mentioned many people suffer no ill effects from heavy metal exposure. Some people however have a lesser ability to get rid of environmental toxins. People with compromised immune systems are at risk. An other group of ‘at risk’ people might surprise you. This group is made up of people who have recently been through a trauma. This trauma could be physical or mental.

Many people who show symptoms of heavy metals in body have recently had a physical injury like a car accident. People who have just experienced the death of a loved one or been through marital divorce tend to get sick. The stress put on their body weakens them. Their built in ability to chelate or detox heavy metals is not strong enough to keep them healthy.

Body Burden Toxic Overload

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People who have been through severe trauma often get sick. This is due to the body burden principle. Think of your body as a bathtub.Each day you put a bit of water in it. Each day it drains this water out. Trauma survivors have disrupted the ability to fully drain (detox) away the daily toxins. After a short period of time their ‘bathtub’ or body becomes too full and overflows. This overflow shows up as symptoms of heavy metals in body.

This ‘overflow’ is symptoms associated with heavy metals in the body. These symptoms at first may just be minor. You might notice you are more forgetful. Maybe you are more irritable or become more shy. Eventually more serious symptoms start to show up. This is usually when people go looking for help. Many google their symptoms online. This is probably how you found this page you are reading now.

If you have just a few symptoms it is probably nothing to be worried about. However if you have many of these symptoms all at the same time it is not good. You may have reached critical heavy metal toxicity. Your body is no longer able to deal with the daily exposures to heavy metal.

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If you have reached this point it is time to talk to a health professional. At the very least you can do a urine test to check your heavy metals levels. This is a 6 hour test that is done in your own home. You take a provoking agent (DMSA) and then collect your urine for 6 hours.

At the end of 6 hours you put a very small sample in the provided vial and courier it to the testing doctors.

How Can I Heal Myself Now?

Taking the Urine Challenge Test is the place to start healing. You cannot begin to heal until you know what is wrong with you. This urine test will tell you if you have an unsafe level of heavy metals in your body. Full details of the test are here. There are 2 things you should know.

  • First: you only pay a single price initially, there are no additional costs.
  • Second: you get your results in 2 or 3 days.

The results are emailed to you. You get a very detailed report that shows the levels of 20 different heavy metals. You get very cause and effect details for the metals you are above average in.

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