45 Capsules of DMSA Synergy


45 Capsules of DMSA each containing DMSA



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Each Capsule Contains:

  • 100 mg pure DMSA
  • 200 mg Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
  • 50 mg Glycine

Why The Other Ingredients?
Ascorbic Acid and Glycine have been proven to significantly increase the effectiveness of DMSA. DMSA Synergy (the product below) is more effective than DMSA alone.

A Note About Expiry Dates
All our DMSA is very fresh, a minimum of more than 1 year away from expiring.
Because new stock is always arriving it would be difficult to constantly update these pages with actual expiry dates. Our DMSA comes directly from the manufacturer, it never sits on a warehouse shelf where it could get stale and lose some of its effectiveness like some other DMSA products.