Activated Charcoal Medicinal Grade


70 grams of Pure Medicinal Grade

POISONING: Standard Hospital Single Dose:

  • Child – 15 to 25 gms powder (approx. 1½ – 2½ Tablespoons)
  • Adult – 50 gms powder (approx. 5 Tablespoons)
  • Carefully add charcaol powder to water (not milk) in a capped bottle. Cap bottle and shake well.
  • Drink entire contents as a single dose.
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Activated Charcoal – Medicinal Grade

Weight: 70 Grams

Adsorptive Surface Area: BET Surface Area of 1550 – 1600 m2/gm

Made from 100% Organic Source
Activated Charcoal is used in hospital emergency rooms for treating poisonings and overdoses.

This is a superfine powder with a very high absorptive capacity, approximately 50% more absorptive than the charcoal used in hospitals.

A level teaspoon of charcoal weights 5 grams. This means you have over 50 doses in this container! This is when used as a general health increasing detoxifier of regular daily toxins.

When used as emergency treatment for life threatening poisonings much largers amounts are used as indicated in the ‘hospital dosage’ area.

If poisoning or drug overdose is suspected IMMEDIATELY administer this activated charcoal. If you wait until emergency services show up too much damage may have been done to the person by the substance they ingested. This alone could literally save a life.

Summary of Activated Charcoal

Not all charcoal is created the same. The 2 main things to look are 1) the source of the charcoal, ours is 100% organic from coconut husks, no GMO, no additives etc. and 2) adsorptive surface area, basically how well it will grab toxins. Ours is 1550-1600 m squared per gram. This is VERY high, in fact, higher than what they use in hospital emergency rooms. If the product does not list the adsorptive surface area do not buy it.

If your child eats or drinks poison and you call the poison hotline (which you should do), the first thing they will usually ask is if you have charcoal on hand. It’s absolutely critical to get treatment as soon after the poisoning as possible. 

The longer the poison is in the stomach the more damage it does, charcoal will electrically bind to the poison (a process called adsorption) and not allow it to enter into circulation in the body.

The delay that usually occurs waiting for help to arrive may put your child at great risk as more and more of the poison gets into the body causing serious damage.

This product can sit on a shelf for 10 years, it’s very cheap insurance to protect your child.

There is no known dangerous dose of charcoal, it is completely safe to give to a child.

This product is a very powerful, all natural detoxing agent. When detoxing, most toxins end up in the bile salts where approximately 80% of the toxins are re-absorded by the body. Charcoal binds to these toxins and your body excretes them through the well understood digestion and elimination process. 

Used alone it makes a great general detoxifier. Its widely known to calm upset stomachs, lessen the symptoms  associated with hangovers, and help with breathing, especially in the summer months. It can also be used in conjunction with other detoxing programs and will make them more efficient.

Activated charcoal is also very good at treating seasonal allergies. Most allergy sufferers report feeling a great improvement within 1 hour.

Caution: do not take within one hour of any other medications as it may interfere with them.
(this is why its used for overdoses and poisonings)