Cadmium Ban In Children’s Jewelry

What is Cadmium Toxicity? How could children possibly be exposed to cadmium? It could be in cheap imported jewelry they play with. As cadmium is a cheap substitute for lead (think lead paint on toys and jewellry) it can sneak into your environment in many ways. That great deal you got from an overseas online … Read more

Dangerous Protein Powders

(NaturalNews) Many common brands of protein powders and protein drinks contain high levels of arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury according to the most recent issue of Consumer Reports magazine. All fifteen different powders and drinks tested contained measurable amounts, some quite high. Consumer Reports also argued that most people in the United States including athletes … Read more

Shrek Glasses Contain Toxic Cadmium

June 4, 2010 McDonalds recalls 12 million Shrek glasses because the paint on them contains poisonous cadmium. DMSA removes cadmium quickly and safely in children and adults. This news article is reprinted below: June 4, 2010 — Fast food giant McDonald’s Corp. announced today it is recalling 12 million of its new “Shrek Forever … Read more