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Home Built Before 1970’s?

According to a recent article in the Builder Review Daily, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has delayed enforcement of a rule that would require all remodelers to file for lead paint certification and take a required training course.  Although the rule became effective on April 22, the delay was a clear win for the National […]

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CIA Agent Lead Poisoned

When Franklin A. Richards, a CIA agent, readily accepted assignment to Iraq, he knew he might have to take a bullet — some lead — for his country. And he says he took plenty, but not because he was shot. Richards, a firearms expert, was sent to Iraq in August 2003 to provide weapons training. […]

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Lead Found In Juice And Baby Food

A recent test by the Environmental Law Foundation found higher than acceptable levels of lead in both organic and “conventional” juices and baby foods. They filed a notice of violation with a list of which foods were fine, and which ones weren’t. Foods with violations included apple juice, grape juice, packaged pears and peaches (baby […]

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Lead Poisoning Kills 160 People

Mystery solved. 160 people killed in Nigeria, 111 of them children. Lead, brought into family homes, kills them. DMSA is being used to treat the survivors who have been lead poisoned. Read full details on CNN This news article is reprinted below: Yangalama, Northern Nigeria (CNN) — Standing in the graveyard Rabiu Mohammed prays […]

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